Equestrian Pest Control

Soham Pest Control has been offering professional pest control and wildlife management services to studs and stables in and around Newmarket since 1979. Mervyns knowledge, love and respect for the countryside alongside his commitment to his customers has been the key to the success of this family run business.

With the wide range of pests found within the equestrian environment our integrated pest managment program is an ideal solution.

What is Integrated Pest Management? IPMInformationIPM is a planned program, incorporating continuous monitoring, education, record-keeping and communication to prevent pests and disease vectors from causing unacceptable damage to operations, people, property, material or the environment. uses targeted, sustainable (effective, economical, environmentally sound) methods including education, habitat modification, biological control, genetic control, cultural control, mechanical control, physical control, regulatory control, and where necessary the judicious use of least-hazardous pesticides.

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Equestrian Key Points
  • Professional, local, family run business
  • Over 30 years in commercial pest control
  • Complete Integrated Pest Management
  • Pest Control Supplies - Delivered Direct
  • Fly control, Odour control & disinfectants
  • Stored product insect monitoring / control
  • Rodent Control, Bird Proofing, Wildlife Management
  • Soham Pest Control - Unit 7, Orchard Farm Business Park, Soham, Cambridgeshire CB7 5TU - Phone: 01353 720 877
    Soham Pest Control